Sunday, July 15, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VII - page 15


Panel 1:   Dan’s inability to “get it up,” as evidenced by the curse under his breath, “Aw, hell,” (as shown by the smaller lettering font in a word balloon too big for the dialogue, which leaves a lot of white space to indicate the softer aspect of this speech) is played off the commentator, once more, who exclaims that Veidt’s performance is “…just perfect…”

Panel 2:  We get more ironic juxtaposition as we watch Veidt land a “perfect Hecht dismount” while Dan apologizes to Laurie for his inability to perform as he tells her, “…it isn’t you, it’s just [my hang-ups]…”

Panel 3:  Note that the clock is at 7:00 pm. 

Panels 4-6:  In these three panels, we get more of the apocalyptic symbolism replete throughout this story:  Panel 4 has “Pale Horse” and one of that band’s members “Red D’Eath”, Panel 5 has the advertisement for “MMMMMeltdowns,” and Panel 6 has the ABC sign-off remarks asking for people to “take care of each other.” 

Also note that it is now 2:00 am, and Dan has been unable to perform over that whole time – whereas, in a more typical narrative, these two would have been fornicating that entire time as a climax to the release of their sexual tension.  It is a testament to Moore’s writing that he did not go the expected/easy route with this.

Panel 8:  Laurie’s remark to Dan, “Just sleep,” is played over the television set “going to sleep,” as broadcasting for the evening ceases – something that does not occur today, but was common practice at the time this was written. 

Panel 9:  The image of Dan’s glasses sitting on the floor beneath the coffee table transitions directly into

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