Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VII - page 27


Panels 1-12:  By doubling up the panels on the first two tiers of the 9-panel grid, this page by Gibbons mirrors Page 16, when Dan had his dream about the Twilight Lady and Laurie.  The substance of the scene is also mirrored a bit with the dream sequence from Page 16, in that the dream was symbolic of Dan’s sexual hang-ups, while on this page the reality is reversed (as with a mirror’s reflection) as Dan and Laurie are satisfying their sexual urges – through the acceptance of their sexual hang-ups, which revolve around their costumes and how they feel in them, particularly Dan – which culminates with Laurie, again, accidentally hitting the flamethrower button as she and Dan embrace, leading to

Panel 13: where we see Archie shooting his flames, an obvious reference to ejaculation, symbolizing the coupling of Dan and Laurie within the ship.

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