Monday, July 9, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VII - page 9


Panel 5:  Laurie’s innuendo regarding what Dan might have in his utility belt:  “…Army issue contraceptives…” again foreshadows the direction in which their relationship is moving. 

Panel 6:  Dan’s remark, after listing off items like respirator masks and smoke bombs, that all he has in his utility belt is “the usual stuff,” emphasizes the difference in his, and Laurie’s, life compared with the “normal citizen.”

Panel 9:  Dan’s remark that looking through his Nite Owl goggles could make everything “clear as day,” symbolizes the fact that returning to being a costumed adventurer – putting on these goggles again – would take away all of the questions and uncertainty in his life and make his future “clear as day.”

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