Sunday, October 28, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter X - The Back-Matter

The Back-Matter

Again, Moore offers something different in this chapter’s back-matter.  This time we see corporate correspondence and promotional material for some of Adrian Veidt’s products and interests. 

The initial letter from Leo Winston, the President of Marketing and Development, is intriguing for the very believable corporate tone it evokes.  This is fascinating when one considers Alan Moore’s stance regarding “corporate” comics and his animosity toward DC Comics, in particular.  Also, when viewed from a place where “Before Watchmen” is now a reality, it carries even more weight than it might have before.

Veidt’s response to Winston’s letter is interesting – vis-à-vis substituting an army of terrorists for the costumed adventurers suggested – in that it reminds the audience of the reality of superheroes in this alternate world.

Perhaps the document most pertinent to the main narrative, though, is Veidt’s letter to Angela Neuberg, Director of Veidt Cosmetics & Toiletries.  His suggestion that the very popular and profitable Nostalgia line be scrapped for the new Millennium line, which looks to the future, sounds somewhat reasonable in the way he frames the argument.  Nuclear conflict seems imminent, at this time, and Veidt is planning for that future – if there even is a future. 

This is yet another clue pointing to Veidt as the mastermind behind the mask killings.  He has a plan to save the world, and this letter asking for the new Millennium line foreshadows the forward-looking, optimistic outlook that will become evident once we reach the culmination of this narrative.

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