Monday, October 22, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter X - page 22


Panel 1:  Dave Gibbons utilizes a tall panel that extends the full height of the comic page in order to offer a sense of scale to the image.  Again, the use of the 9-panel grid throughout the story by Moore & Gibbons allows breaks from that 3x3 pattern to stand out and add impact when needed, such as this panel does.

Panel 3:  The dire tone of Rorschach’s journal entry – “…offices below, headstones…” and “…oblivion gallops closer...” – is emphasized by the imagery – in particular, the banner for the bands Pale Horse and Krystalnacht.

Panel 5:  This is the same corner where we saw Rorschach, in the guise of Walter Kovacs, check his mail drop in Chapter V, page 12.

Panel 6:  This envelope will surface later in the story.

Also note in Rorschach’s entry he makes the comment that “…[the] writing is on the wall.”  In the background of this image we can see the writing in the form of the Hiroshima lovers graffiti, which accentuates the ominous tone of this comment.

Panel 7:  Rorschach’s final journal comment about leaving to try and take down Veidt “without complaint,” transitions directly into

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