Thursday, October 18, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter X - page 17


Panel 1:  where we see the Pyramid Deliveries boat docked at the secret island where Max Shea and the other missing persons from the New Frontiersman article in Chapter VIII’s back-matter have been working since their disappearances.  And, as with most everything related to Veidt, the color of the Pyramid Deliveries ship is purple (the color of royalty).

Panel 2:  Norm Leith and Lin Paley are two of the other missing persons mentioned in the New Frontiersman article. 

Panel 3:  Furnesse was also mentioned in the same article. 

Another important bit of information is the fact that a human brain was used for the “special effect” mentioned by Shea.  This is an integral part of Veidt’s overall plan.

Panel 4:  The “shipwrecked voyager” that Hira Manish asks about in this conversation is the protagonist from the Black Freighter comic we have seen throughout Watchmen.  Shea’s response to the question of whether the voyager got off the island – “Well, yes, but…” – is a foreboding answer and foreshadows what is to come for him and the others who have been working secretly on this island.

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