Friday, December 21, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter XII - page 24


Panel 3:  This image seems to be a call back to Chapter VI, Page 7, panel 1 in which readers experienced Rorschach’s very first documented incident of violence, when he was ten years old and attacked by the older boys in front of the fruit stand.  His tears here mirror the smeared fruit on his face from that earlier image.  These two scenes are the bookends of his life – from his first act of violence to his final act of intransigence, he came into this life as Kovacs and went out of it in the same manner, a fitting symmetry. 

Panel 4:  A question about this panel is: can Dr. Manhattan still be said to merely be performing the actions he’s seen in his quantum consciousness, or, after having been bombarded with tachyons by Veidt, which interfered with his ability to see into the future, could this be an instance of self-determination on the part of Dr. Manhattan?

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