Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter XII - page 8


Panels 2-4:  In panel 2, the revolver of one of the detectives is seen at Laurie’s feet.  In panel 3, the angle of the image shows Laurie looking directly at the pistol.  And then, in the background of panel 4, we can see her kneeling down – the assumption being that she is picking up the revolver.  However, by relegating this detail to the background – utilizing a close-up of Dr. Manhattan whose speech is more prominent in the panel – it may not register with some readers and will be more easily forgotten by those others who notice it.  This is artful storytelling, which will allow for a dramatic surprise later without readers feeling “cheated.”

Panel 7-9:  Laurie’s plea to Jon – “…take it away…” – and his subsequent teleportation leads directly into

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