Thursday, April 12, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter IV - Page 11


Panels 2-3:  The statement, “All gold comes from supernovas” transitions nicely into the following panel where Janey has given Jon a gold ring as a Christmas gift, a gift that is symbolically attempting to keep Jon grounded within his humanity, in spite of his transformation into Dr. Manhattan.

Panel 6:  Janey says she is scared because “it feels as if everything’s changed.”  With the appearance of Dr. Manhattan, this is a very true statement, as has already been demonstrated in Watchmen.

Panel 9:  Note again, within the caption box, that Dr. Manhattan sees everything within the present tense stating, “As I lie [to Janey in 1959] I hear her shouting at me in 1963; sobbing in 1966.  My fingers open.  The photograph [in 1985] is falling . . .” To him, these events all take place at the same time.

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