Saturday, April 28, 2012

Watchmen Chapter IV - page 28


Panel 4:  The comment regarding the falling cogs in 1945 that “it’s too late, always has been, always will be too late” is an appropriate description of Dr. Manhattan’s life to this point, and is also a foreshadowing of what will happen with the heroes’ attempt to stop the conspiracy come the end of the story.

Panel 5:  The Nodus Gordii Mountains, an actual mountain range on Mars, translates from the Latin to “Gordian Knot,” yet another symbol of the problem before these adventurers and another symbol of who is ultimately responsible – the man in the present patterned after Alexander the Great who cut the Gordian Knot, Adrian Veidt.

Also note, this panel is an expanded view of the partial image we first saw on page 3, panel 8.

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