Monday, April 23, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter IV - Page 22


Panels 1-2:  Jon’s remark in panel 1:  “This deserted planet: it is so wonderfully, completely silent” transitions directly into panel 2, which is a flashback to the loud, raucous riots of 1977 and Jon’s observation, “In 1977, a city is shouting.”  Also note, again, how John Higgins bathes panel 2, one signifying confrontation, in a deep, dark red.

Panel 3:  Note that now – six years on from his last costume change within these flashbacks – Dr. Manhattan is wearing what is basically a g-string.  He continues to wear less and less clothing as he becomes more distant from humanity and closer to a god.

Panel 6:  Laurie’s curse, “Jesus,” is not only an emotional reaction to Dr. Manhattan’s sudden teleportation of all the rioters, but is also a commentary upon the Christ-like figure that Jon has become as he floats behind her. 

Dr. Manhattan uses the same rationalization with regard to the two rioters who suffered heart attacks upon finding themselves transported inside as was used in the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan.  Both decisions, and comments, are made at some distance from reality – in a geographical and emotional sense, respectively.

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