Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter IV - page 9


Panel 3:  Again, Moore & Gibbons play the words against the imagery as the gentleman on the right complains about Castro’s beard and the countercultural image of Elvis Presley, stating, “I thought I’d just about seen it all” at which point a brain and circulatory system with eyes materializes behind them – something far more jarring than Elvis or Castro.

Panels 5-7:  In this series of panels we see Jon Osterman working to reconfigure his body – first, his circulatory system, followed by a partially muscled skeleton.  The third panel repeats the image previously seen where a younger Jon was working with the many cogs and gears of his father’s watch in order to put it back together.  This image symbolizes what Jon is now doing – taking the various “cogs and gears” of his body and putting them back together in the correct order so that he can have a working body again.

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