Sunday, September 16, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter IX - page 16


Panel 4:  Blake’s remark – “Sally…I thought we’d settled all that a long time ago.” – is in reference to their subsequent romantic entanglement, which Sally was arguing about with then-husband Larry Schexnayder in the flashback on Page 7, panels 4-5.

Panel 7:  Moore & Gibbons once again end a flashback scene with the breaking of a vessel holding a liquid – in this case, that vessel is Laurie’s Mom – as Sally, a broken woman, spills her tears and her pain that she has held inside for so many years.  And these tears transition directly to

Panel 8: and the tumbling bottle of Nostalgia perfume.  And the dialogue in this panel’s caption box relates to both the perfume pouring out of the bottle in this image as well as the metaphorical pouring out of Sally’s experience with Edward Blake. 

Panel 9:  Note that this panel is laid out in the same fashion as panel 7 of this page, with Dr. Manhattan taking the place of Laurie’s mother, Sally, from the flashback.  This parallel imagery symbolizes how Laurie is confronting the dominating forces of her formative years through Dr. Manhattan, who is a stand-in for all of those similar figures in Laurie’s life.

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