Monday, September 17, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter IX - page 17


Panel 2:  Olympus Mons is Latin for Mount Olympus, which was the mythical home of the Olympian gods in Greek times, and, rising to a height of nearly 14 miles, it stands as the tallest mountain on any planet of our solar system.

Also of note in this panel (reiterated in a slightly different fashion in subsequent panels) is the fact that “the details are vague” to Dr. Manhattan, with regard to the images of the near future he recounts to Laurie.  The fact that Dr. Manhattan cannot see these details, despite his attempts to rationalize it away, is significant and foreshadows that much more is going on than is immediately evident.

Panels 2-3:  Yes, all of these things Dr. Manhattan relates will come to pass. But we will need to experience them in their full context to fully appreciate what he sees.

The most noteworthy remark made here is what appears to be a throwaway line:  “There’s some sort of static obscuring the future…” for which Dr. Manhattan provides a possible reason, “…the electromagnetic pulse of a mass warhead detonation might conceivably cause that…”  This possibility is deftly planted into readers’ minds, in order to distract us from the true nature of this static.

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