Thursday, September 27, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter IX - page 28


Panel 1:  And if it wasn’t obvious before, Dr. Manhattan’s remark to Laurie to “come…dry your eyes…” shows us that she did indeed end up crying at the end of their conversation, as he said she would on page 17.  However, these tears did not come about because Dr. Manhattan refused to intervene on Earth as Laurie had suspected.  They were a result of her realization that Blake was her father, and could possibly now be tears of joy thanks to Dr. Manhattan’s change of heart regarding the human race.

And the comment, “dry your eyes,” is also emphasized by the “eyes” we can see in this panel formed by Mars and the sun – and, of course, there is a small satellite orbiting Mars (the right eye in this case), which is yet another example of the blood-spattered smiley face button motif.

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