Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter IX - page 19


Panel 2:  Once more, Dr. Manhattan’s comments lead to another important memory for Laurie.  This panel is unusual, in that we can see Laurie from the thighs up, but it is from such a distance that her features are indistinct, continuing the visual motif of Dr. Manhattan controlling her remembrances, while she is little more than a cipher in her own story, in her own life.

Panel 4:  The fog, to which Laurie refers in this panel, is not just the fog from the previous panel, but also the fog through which she walked her life – the fog of what it meant to be a hero and the fog of what her mother endured at the hands of the “cool” hero, Edward Blake. 
The cigar smoke in the foreground, most likely belonging to Blake if judged by the way Laurie is glaring, also accentuates this sense of “fog,” which transitions directly to

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