Thursday, September 20, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter IX - page 20


Panel 1:  where Laurie reiterates being lost in “the fog” – a result of drinking too much Scotch on the night in question. 

The “blurred reflection” visual motif – or, in this case, refraction – continues, as we see Edward Blake speaking with someone through the lens of Laurie’s Scotch tumbler.

Panel 3:  In the background, we can see Dr. Manhattan talking with Henry Kissinger, who became the 56th Secretary of State under President Richard Nixon, who is still President of the United States in Watchmen.

Panel 4:  Woodward and Bernstein were the reporters who wrote the story of the Watergate break-in that eventually led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation.

Panel 5:  This offhand remark by Blake not to ask where he was when JFK was shot will have greater meaning later in the book and can be seen as a bit of foreshadowing couched subtly within a fairly common rejoinder to deflect suspicion. 

Also note that Blake has his smiley face button on, even at a black tie event.

Panel 7:  Blake’s comment – “…didn’t take your old man’s name either…” – is a bit of foreshadowing, as Laurie moves closer to uncovering the secrets of her heritage.

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