Sunday, November 11, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter XI - page 10


Panel 1:  and Veidt’s description of Alexander’s path marching along the “black sea coast.”

The image in this panel is a call back to Chapter VIII, Page 26, panel 2 when the protagonist of the Black Freighter came ashore after sailing the ocean on a raft of his dead comrades.  With this panel, Moore & Gibbons link Veidt and the protagonist from that pirate comic.

Panel 5:  Alexander’s failing – “…he’d not united all the world, nor built a unity that would survive him…” – is the aspiration to which Veidt has been working most of his life.

Panel 7:  This panel – Veidt’s nude body turned away from us, the starscape, and the red hues (particularly of the sand surrounding Veidt) – hearkens back to Dr. Manhattan, symbolizing the connection and respect Veidt feels with the only truly “super”human.

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