Monday, November 26, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter XI - page 26


Panel 2:  And here, we get the first flashback image that is entirely new – the revelation that Veidt was indeed the one who came to the Edward Blake’s apartment and killed him, killed the Comedian.

And again, Veidt’s commentary – “…humanity’s fate rested safely in my hands…” – is mirrored by the image of him holding the Comedian’s fate in his hands, holding Blake aloft before throwing him through the window to his death.

Panel 4:  Veidt’s comment that teleportation works fine “…assuming you want things to explode on arrival…” is mirrored by the image of the Comedian exploding through the shattered window.

The remarks about the psychic shockwave that would result upon the “death” of the monster Veidt had created on that secret island is the key to the success of his plan, as we will see in the final chapter.

Panel 6:  Nite Owl’s inquiry of Veidt – “…when was this hopeless black fantasy supposed to happen…” – is played over the scene in New York just seconds before it did happen, as shown by the clock that reads 11:25 in the background.

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