Saturday, November 24, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter XI - page 24


Panel 1:  where Veidt talks about how each step of his plan was synchronized.

Panel 4:  In the flashbacks to the Comedian’s death, over the course of the next few pages, the panels are awash in red, symbolizing the violence of his demise.

Veidt’s comment of his plan, and its enormity, crashing in on him is emphasized by the image of Veidt crashing into Blake’s apartment.

Panel 6:  Again, the commentary in the present – “… [it] must have come as a terrible blow [to the Comedian]…” – is mirrored in the flashback image, as the Comedian is sent reeling into the wall by a forceful blow from Veidt.

Panel 7:  Veidt’s remark – “…an end to fighting…” – is obviously emphasized by the fight between Joey and Aline in this panel, and Dr. Long’s attempt to end their fighting.

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