Sunday, November 25, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter XI - page 25


Panel 2:  Veidt’s comment that the Comedian’s “…practiced cynicism cracked…” when confronted with the truth of Veidt’s plans is emphasized by Dave Gibbons’s visuals, as the Comedian is smashed into a mirror, cracking it into myriad shards of glass.

Panel 4:  Veidt’s remark that the Comedian’s discovery of this plan “…drove the wind from his sails…” is accentuated by the image of the Comedian struggling to catch his breath and regain his composure in this panel.  This remark also hearkens back to the Black Freighter comic and the truth the protagonist in that horror discovered.

Panel 6:  “At the end, he understood.”  This remark is made over an image of the Comedian just before he is thrown to his death – the blood spatter on his smiley-face pin bringing the entire narrative full circle.

Panel 7:  The portents commented upon by Veidt in this panel can be seen as a meta-commentary on all of the symbolism and foreshadowing that Moore & Gibbons have included within Watchmen.  The final portent is the flying elephant (advertising for the Gunga Diner) seen in the sky in the very center of this panel and mirrored by Veidt’s edification that humanity was “…rushing to join the mastodon…in extinction…” even as these secondary characters rush toward their own personal extinction at this intersection – a smaller extinction (relatively speaking) that Veidt hopes will herald in the extinction of the hostility and war-mongering that has plagued humanity for so long.

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