Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter XI - page 28


Panel 1:  And we see that the clock on the police cruiser’s dashboard reads 11:25.

Panels 2-13:  And the realization of Veidt’s plan comes to this intersection of New York.

Panels 6-12:  And the older Bernie finally realizes his goal (“I took this job to meet people, y’know?”) as he and the younger Bernie embrace in the final seconds of their lives.

Panel 9:  This image of the two Bernies embracing in silhouette against the enveloping white is reminiscent of the Hiroshima Lovers’ graffiti seen throughout this story.

Panel 12:  Note that the final image of the two Bernies forms into the blood spatter, which opened this chapter.  And, like the butterfly seen through that initial opening in the snow, this image demonstrates the fragility of life, as the two Bernies become this formless spatter and then fade away into

Panel 13:  and an all-white panel.  This white panel – white being the absence of color – symbolizes the absence of life at ground zero of Veidt’s “attack.”

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