Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter I - page 10


Panel 1: In the background, Dan is walking by one of the charging ports for electric cars in this reality.

In the foreground, we have signs of impending doom in the man’s “Pale Horse” jacket, the tattoo of a swastika on the girl’s arm, and – most importantly – the news headline that “Russia Protes[ts] U.S. Adv[ance] in Afgh[anistan],” a headline that is a complete reversal of what was actually going on during the mid-80s when Russia was the one occupying Afghanistan. But in this world, where Dr. Manhattan is a weapon of the U.S. government, things have gone a bit differently.

Panel 2: “Treasure Island” is a comic shop in the vein of the “Forbidden Planet” chain in the UK, Ireland, and the United States, which caters to a comic medium rife with pirates rather than superheroes. Above the storefront, readers can see a perfume ad for Nostalgia – another symbol of the dread people feel with nuclear death hanging above their heads – they wish for simpler times.

Panel 3: The plate on the door to Dan Dreiberg’s apartment shows: “Floors 1-4, Dreiberg D.” Dan is obviously well off.

Panel 5: Dan’s silhouette, with his feathered hair, is almost that of an owl, as in Nite Owl.

Panel 8: The can of Heinz baked beans that Rorschach is eating has a “58” on it rather than the “57” with which we are familiar – another little detail of this different world.

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