Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter I - page 11


Panel 7: Each panel of the conversation between Rorschach and Dan Dreiberg has taken place within Dreiberg’s apartment, until this one, which is looking in through a window above the kitchen sink. This imagery enhances Dan’s remark that, “I feel kinda exposed up here.” We also get the feeling that, although these two men know each other and (as is revealed later) were once partners, Dan is uncomfortable with Rorschach and would prefer he was not there, and when he does leave wants him to leave through a secret entryway.

Panel 8: Dan’s remark to Rorschach, “. . . you haven’t been down here for a while . . .” also relates to Dan, as the relative untidiness of the place shows he does not come down often either.

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