Friday, January 20, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter I - page 20


Panel 1: Another use of the 9-grid to great effect is this first panel, which spans the entire height of the page and crosses over half its width in order to incorporate Dr. Manhattan’s form, showing us just how big he is, while making the reader slow down to grasp what they are looking at.

This, too, is another symbol of these heroes being above everything.
Also of note, vis-à-vis the storytelling, is the fact that the reveal of Dr. Manhattan comes on a page-turn, surprising the reader while enhancing the impact of this large panel and his appearance – blue and nude.

Panels 2-4: We are shown some of Dr. Manhattan’s power as he shrinks his form down – through these three panels and the first one of the next page – to human size.

Also in panels 2 and 3, Rorschach alludes to Laurie’s heritage, calling her Jupiter – the name of the first Silk Spectre, her mother – instead of Juspeczyk.

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