Saturday, January 7, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter I - page 7


Panels 2 & 3: In panel 2, readers see that Rorschach’s arm is bent when it touches the back of Edward Blake’s closet, while in the next panel, his right arm is fully extended as it touches the wall against which this closet rests.

Also in panel 3, readers are introduced to Rorschach’s strange word balloons, which give his voice some character – gravelly and disturbing.

Panels 4 & 5: The use of the wire hanger, and the bow that would remain after Rorschach straightened it out, is brilliant to better show what might not have been obvious on panels 2 & 3. The bow in the hanger adds a level of detail to the book often missing in comics, but also gives the audience a gauge by which to measure the depth of this closet.


  1. If I could have any pages from Watchmen it would be these. Rorschach's iconic entrance through the broken window and then this fantastic page of wordless detection where we can see what Rorschach is thinking without any dialogue or captions needed.

  2. Agreed. That image of Rorschach in the windowsill is iconic.