Friday, January 6, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter I - page 5


Panel 1: Clue #3 that Kovacs is Rorschach:

It is now night, but looking back at the final panel of Page 4, we see that this is the same image from a slightly different angle, and where we saw Kovacs’s head in Page 4, Panel 8, we now see the top of Rorschach’s hat.

Panels 6 & 7: Rorschach takes out his grappling gun to fire it with his left hand, tracing back to panel 7 of the previous page, where we see that Kovacs is left-handed from how he wears his watch.

Panel 9: Rorschach scaling the fa├žade of this skyscraper is another indication of the overall theme in this issue of the heroes looming over everything in this world.

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