Thursday, January 12, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter I - page 12


Panel 3: We discover how Blake avoided going into retirement when the other masked heroes were forced out when Dan makes the statement, “I heard he’d been working for the government since ’77 . . .”

Panels 3-5: We see for the first time that Rorschach’s mask actually flows, continuously creating new Rorschach blots.

These three panels also accentuate Dave Gibbons’s mastery of body language for these characters. In the background, we can see Dan Dreiberg go from appearing melancholy to having a nervous smile to exuding a feeling of despair and fear at what Rorschach has just shared with him (the lack of pupils in the fifth panel accentuating the despair he emotes). It is this ability to imbue these two-dimensional characters with such believable body language that adds yet another layer to this story.

Panel 6: Again, looking down from a great height, giving a sense of foreboding, as if we, the readers, are looking in on something we shouldn’t.

Also, Rorschach makes the first mention of Hollis Mason’s book (seen on page 9) as well as the “bad things” Edward Blake did.

Panel 7: Juxtaposition: “Just an observation,” as Dreiberg’s costume looks on silently.

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