Thursday, January 19, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter I - page 19


Panel 1: The symbol on the Rockefeller Military Research Center sign is the shield of Superman with an extraneous cap on top. This is where Dr. Manhattan – this world’s true Superman – resides.

Panel 2: Rorschach’s musing that Veidt is “possibly homosexual,” is a sign of the times – the mid-80s were a time when AIDS was just coming to the forefront, but many people knew very little about it, with conservatives (such as Rorschach) deeming it a homosexual plague.

Panel 3: Rorschach’s comment, “why are so few of us left active, healthy, and without personality disorders? (emphasis mine)” is ironic considering how mentally unstable Rorschach is.

Panel 9: The only other character in the series with unique word balloons – Dr. Manhattan’s blue balloons.

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