Sunday, May 13, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter V - page 13


Panel 1:  The secretary’s remark that “time’s running out, Mr. Veidt.  You better hurry” can be taken as a commentary on the impending Armageddon predicated by Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan and the imminent nuclear confrontation everyone sees coming, or as a foreshadowing of Rorschach’s fate – which will take a drastic turn with this issue’s closing – or as a commentary upon how little time is left for Rorschach and the others to figure out who murdered Blake, or even as a commentary on the fact that Veidt could be late for his “meeting,” which could result in him becoming the “late” Adrian Veidt.

Also note, the sheen of his desktop provides yet another visual reinforcement of the chapter’s theme, giving readers a reflected look at Veidt’s secretary, but also providing the audience with a bit of symmetry as the “V” cuff link forms an “X” when placed on this desk.

Panel 2:  We see more reflection in the floor of his office.

Panel 3:  The secretary’s remark that everyone is on a “total death trip” foreshadows her fate on the following page.

Panel 4:  And again, more reflection in the floor of Veidt’s office building.  We also see the purple and gold motif of Ozymandias is evident throughout the building.

Panel 5:  In the Absolute edition and subsequent trade editions of Watchmen that were recolored by John Higgins, all the people in this panel are colored in bright hues, except for the one man to the right of center in the foreground who is a very dull gray color.  This is significant and allows this walk-on character to stand out while also foreshadowing his intentions.

Panel 6:  Veidt’s comment that the ancient Egyptians saw death “as launching on a voyage of spiritual discovery” is part of his philosophy, one can assume, and foreshadows the end of the book, which is brought about by Veidt and his Egyptian philosophy of death.

Panel 8:  The “darkly” colored man pulls a gun on Veidt and his secretary.

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