Monday, May 14, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter V - pages 14-15

PAGES 14-15

This is the only two-page spread to be found in the entire book, and the utiliziation of this technique, and the larger panel bridging the two pages, not only adds drama to the action and accentuates what is happening, but the fold of these two pages acts as the mirror for this symmetrical chapter of Watchmen

Panel 2:  Note that the pool in the foreground is another reflective surface, reinforcing the overall theme.

Panel 4:  This tall panel bridging the gap is the mirror for the chapter.  The pool reflects the action while the stance of Veidt and the collapse of his attacker coupled with the large “V” in the background forms another symmetrical “X” to reinforce, yet again, the theme of the issue. 

Panel 6:  More reflection in the pool and the floor in the background.

Panel 7:  As Adrian crushes the assailant’s skull against the bronze Egyptian mask on the edge of the pool, it forms a rather morbid, and blood-soaked, symmetrical image of two faces coming together.  Also, note that a spot of blood has fallen onto Adrian’s yellow flower, echoing the blood on the Comedian’s yellow smiley face button.

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