Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter V - page 23


Panel 1:  More highlighting of the theme with the reflection in the puddle of the Rum Runner sign, which is a mirror image itself.  Also, the discarded Gunga Diner box on the ground is a reflection of the balloon sailing through the sky.

Panels 1-3:  Note that these three panels are almost exactly the same three panels that opened this issue.  But, the level of detail that Dave Gibbons put into the art for this book is exhibited here when you notice that the Gunga Diner box next to the puddle is now flattened (looking at page 1, we would see that it still held some of its shape then) and the newspaper on the opposite side of the puddle (which was still intact on page 1) is now torn up, worn away by the rain and the passersby throughout the day.

Panel 6:  Comparing this panel with page 3, panel 4, one notices that this is indeed a new lock.  The “X”s on either side of the keyhole as well as the reinforcing plates on the door and door jamb reveal this.  Since Rorschach just walks in, we are led to believe that Moloch left the door open for him.

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