Sunday, May 27, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter V - page 28


Panel 3:  Note Rorschach’s mask has formed two reflected question marks, highlighting not only his questioning of who framed him, but also hearkening back to the character he was modeled on, Charlton’s the Question, created by Steve Ditko.

Panel 4:  As Rorschach is kicked in the head, readers see his mask lose its symmetry for the first time, which could also symbolize the fact that the status quo has now been seriously changed.

Panel 6:  The after shave mentioned is Veidt’s Nostalgia, from the bottle Rorschach took when he last visited Dan.

Panel 7:  “Everything evens out eventually” is a remark on the “even”ness of the symmetrical layout for this chapter.

Panel 8:  “Everything balances” again speaks to the symmetry of this chapter.

Panel 9:  We end with a similar image to the one that began this chapter – a reflection of the Rum Runner’s symmetrical sign in a puddle – accenting the overall visual theme of this chapter, while balancing out its symmetry with rain drops that are falling from the opposite direction, allowing this panel to almost exactly mirror the first panel.

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