Thursday, May 3, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter V - page 3


Panel 3:  In the background, we see that the door has been kicked in.

Panel 4:  A close up of the broken lock, from the Gordian Knot company, mirroring the lock Rorschach broke when he kicked in Dan’s door in Chapter I, which Dan had replaced by the Gordian Knot Lock company.  This is a tell-tale sign that Rorschach is on the premises. 

Panel 5:  Once again the contents of Moloch’s refrigerator are strewn across his kitchen floor, tipping Moloch off that Rorschach may be in his fridge like last time.

Panel 9:  Note the signature of Rorschach – two stylized “r”s back to back on either side of the fold like an actual Rorschach blot.

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