Saturday, June 16, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VI - page 15


Panel 4:  Yet another image of a clock at 5 to midnight.  Also, from this angle – in a flashback that we’ve seen before in Chapter II, Page 11 – we are able to verify that Captain Metropolis was indeed worried about “Black Unrest” as something for the Crimebusters to tackle.

Panel 6:  Kovacs’s voiceover in this panel, particularly the lines that, “we do not do this thing because it is permitted.  We do it because we have to,” is related over imagery showcasing the illegality and suspicion the populace has toward “masks.”  Specifically, we see the unfinished graffiti, Who Watches the Watchmen?, the news headline that the Keene Act has passed, outlawing masked vigilantes, and the sign that says:  “Badges not Masks,” all of which are being ignored by Rorschach, who has turned his back on these cries against him as well as the person who was spray-painting the graffiti whom Rorschach obviously “worked over” to stop him from defacing the building.

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