Sunday, June 10, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VI - page 9


Panel 2:  Note the pill bottle in front of Dr. Long, which was not on the table during his first session with Kovacs.  This will become an important piece of Dr. Long’s story as we progress through this chapter.

Panel 3:  The “butterfly” Rorschach blot is on display at the top of Dr. Long’s pile of inkblots.  Not just a symbol of Rorschach, the “butterfly” inkblot symbolizes the metamorphosis both of these characters go through in this chapter – Rorschach’s metamorphosis is observed through flashbacks, while Dr. Long’s metamorphosis happens in the story’s present.

Panel 6:  In this panel, the pill bottle is fully visible, and we can see that it holds pain killers – probably similar to aspirin, but maybe a bit stronger – as evidenced by the name, “GOPAIN.”

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