Sunday, June 17, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VI - page 16


Panel 5:  Note, in the background, the edition of NOVA that included the exposé on Dr. Manhattan.

Panel 6:  Only three days into his sessions with Kovacs – as evidenced by the dates of Dr. Long’s journal in the caption boxes – we see he has finished at least one of his bottles of painkillers. 

Panel 7:  Note the clock in the background is at the familiar 5 to midnight position, and that Dr. Long and his wife, Gloria, are back to back forming a reversal of the “Hiroshima lovers” graffiti, as seen in the previous panel, which is also a Rorschach blot.  Dr. Long’s rather quick transition from taking his wife up on the offer of making love the first night after speaking to Kovacs to turning in early with no affection – as symbolized by their sleeping arrangement in this panel – is symbolic of Dr. Long’s metamorphosis into a person more like Rorschach, who has a strong distaste for women and sex, in general.

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