Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VI - pages 19-20

PAGES 19-20

It is worth noting how rare it is for a writer, especially one who is prone to purple prose like Moore can be, to allow the images to tell the story.  But it works perfectly here; everything we need to know is featured in these eighteen panels, and the realization of what happened to the young girl – as we close in on the two German shepherds fighting with what appears to be a leg bone – is shocking, and accentuated by the “look” on Rorschach’s face (a look of shock on his mask) and the coloring transition of panels 7-9 of Page 20 from orange with spots of red (specifically one of the dog’s eyes) to Rorschach bathed in red in that final panel.

And again, this scene where Rorschach quietly investigates the scene mirrors the scene from Chapter I when he investigated Blake’s death, accentuating the consistency of these characters. 

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