Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VIII - page 14


Panel 1: where we can see the smoke wafting through the prison, a clear visual shortcut for the damage therein.  And the plumes of smoke transition directly to

Panel 2: where Big Figure is smoking his cigar as he gives orders.

Panel 3:  Again, it is important to note how well Dave Gibbons conveys the calm, almost detached, demeanor of Rorschach.  He never loses his cool, never gives in to emotion, and this is where much of his strength comes from. 

Panel 4:  Once more, we get the ironic sarcasm of Rorschach, as he remarks to Big Figure’s overweight henchman, Lawrence, that there’s “fat chance” of him not making such remarks.  Of course, these remarks from Rorschach are not just meant as insults, they are meant to force his opponents into compromising positions, which he achieves over the course of the next few panels.

Panel 6:  Rorschach’s final bit of dialogue here – “…my perspective…” – transitions directly into

Panel 7:  where we get Dan and Laurie’s perspective of the prison, from the owlship, high in the air.

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