Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VIII - page 28


Panel 1: where we see an older, battered, and very scared image of Hollis’s face, just as Derf is about to bring down the heavy statue onto Mason’s face.

Panel 2: The stark contrast between the white background and the deep red used to color Derf, as he begins to swing the statue down onto Hollis Mason’s head, is dramatic and really drives home what is happening.

Panel 3:  The jack-o-lantern smashing onto the floor obviously symbolizes the smashing of Hollis Mason’s skull by Derf.

Panel 7:  Note the blood spatter across the right side of Hollis Mason’s face in the smashed picture of the Minute Men, which not only signifies his death (by having his head caved in), but is also a continuation of the bloody smiley button motif, where Eddie Blake’s spot of blood fell across the same eye of the smiley face.

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