Monday, August 20, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VIII - page 19


Panel 1:  where we see Rorschach from below, bathed in shadow. 

Panel 2:  Laurie’s remark that the cell she and Dan have found has “…[Rorschach’s] stamp on it…” transitions directly into

Panel 3: where we can take that remark in one of two ways.  Firstly, the wreckage surrounding Rorschach in this prison is reminiscent of his disorganized and grimy apartment or can be seen as symbolic of the harsh manner with which he metes out justice on those he views as villainous.  Secondly, we could see his shadow, formed by emergency lights from either side of the hallway, as a variation on the Rorschach blot that is his personal symbol – his stamp on this prison hall, as he pursue Big Figure.

Panel 4:  Again, Dan’s remark that if they don’t find Rorschach soon their “whole plan is in the toilet…” transitions directly into

Panel 5: where we see Big Figure going into the men’s room (or the men’s toilet).

Panel 6:  As Laurie and Dan walk the prison halls searching for Rorschach, Dan comments that it would be easier “if only there [were] some sign…” which leads directly into

Panel 7:  where we can see the shadow of Rorschach approaching the men’s room into which Big Figure just ran.  The fact that the door is swinging out, from having just been pushed through, is a sign as to where Big Figure went.

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