Thursday, August 23, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VIII - page 22


Panel 1:  Laurie turns the calendar over to November, revealing the hawk taking the sparrow in flight, as mentioned by Detective Fine earlier in the chapter, which symbolizes the coming conflict.

Panel 3:  Again, Laurie’s dialogue foreshadows Jon’s (Dr. Manhattan’s) return – revealed just a few panels hence – with her remark that she “want[s] somebody to wave a wand and make it all better…”

Panel 9:  The bottle of Nostalgia perfume in the immediate foreground emphasizes the symbolism of this scene – a return to nostalgic, “better” days when Jon could take care of any problem Laurie might have had.  It’s what Laurie has been pining for in this chapter, but will it ultimately be what she had hoped for, or something completely different?

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