Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VIII - page 7


Panel 4:  More sarcasm from Rorschach with his comment, “Tall order,” which again is a backhanded remark on Big Figure’s short stature.

This sarcasm can also be seen as a wise technique, on the part of Rorschach.  He is always able to keep his cool demeanor, and when he makes these sarcastic remarks, he is trying to make his opponent lose his cool, something working on Big Figure’s henchmen.  If you can get under the skin of your enemy, then you’re that much closer to winning the battle.  Rorschach knows this and is working to do just that.

Panel 6:  The remark about there being “one crummy lock” between Rorschach and his past catching up to him is a call back to the crummy locks that have failed to keep Rorschach out of places where he desires entry, whether that was Dan’s apartment or that of the kidnapper seen in Chapter VI.

Panel 7:  In this panel the crummy lock is the focus of the panel, and it transitions directly to

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