Sunday, August 19, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VIII - page 18


Panel 1: where she comments on the sudden loss of electricity and lights by saying, “…extinguished!”

Panel 3:  Dan’s remark that “old grudges and bad blood” get worked out in prison riots, transitions directly to

Panel 4: where Rorschach is walking through the mixture of toilet water and “bad blood” from Lawrence, whose tied hands are still visible in this image. 

Panel 5:  Dan’s response to Laurie that Rorschach “shouldn’t be too difficult to track down” leads directly into

Panel 6: where we can see Rorschach is leaving a trail of his footprints, from walking through the toilet water and blood, that leads directly from his cell.

Panel 7:  Moore continues to play the dialogue off Dave Gibbons’s artwork, as we have Dan commenting to Laurie that he feels Rorschach’s recent meeting with Dan was a result of his old partner attempting to reconnect with him, “as if the gap between [them] were narrowing.”  This comment leads directly into

Panel 8: where we can see the “gap” between Big Figure and Rorschach narrowing.

Panel 9:  Dan’s remark that Rorschach lives, metaphorically, in this violent world, “under this shadow…” transitions directly into

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