Friday, August 10, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VIII - page 9


Panel 1:  Detective Fine’s remark that, “…I forgot.  You don’t smoke…” is said right in front of the ashtray with the discarded cigarette of Laurie’s sitting there.  Detective Fine is, once again, indicating to Dan that he knows more than he’s telling outright.

Panel 4:  The following month’s image on Dan’s calendar – a hawk taking a sparrow in flight, as revealed by Detective Fine – foreshadows what is to come for Dan and Laurie as they go on the offensive to stop the series of events put in motion with the murder of Edward Blake, and is also mirrored by the back-matter for this issue, the main article from Nova Express titled:  “Honor is Like the Hawk: Sometimes it Must Go Hooded.”

Panel 6:  Detective Fine is looking right at the two jackets on the hooks as he asks where that “…dame, the Silk Spectre…” is now.  He knows.  She’s living with Dan.

Panel 7:  And here’s Detective Fine’s final warning to Dan – he tells him that when they arrested Rorschach they found sugar cubes in his pockets, the implicit statement being that they were sugar cubes most likely taken from Dan’s apartment.

Note the lock continues to glint in the apartment’s light.

Panel 9: Once more the lock shines in the apartment’s light, which, along with the ironic symbolism alluded to earlier, also foreshadows what is going to occur toward the end of this chapter, as the Gordian Knot lock is once again busted, allowing entry to Dan’s apartment.

And Dan’s remark, “Suddenly, we have a deadline,” leads directly into

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