Saturday, August 18, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter VIII - page 17


Panel 1:  where the Big Figure’s henchman asks his boss if he “hear[s] that sorta screaming, like a siren…” which would be the aforementioned screamers of Archie, the owlship.

Panel 3: Again, note the detail that Dave Gibbons puts into his artwork – most importantly, the frayed covering for the wire that attaches the arc welder to its power source. 

Panel 4:  The comment from Big Figure’s henchman that Rorschach is going to be “smoked meat” foreshadows exactly what is going to happen to him two panels following.

Panels 6-9:  Note the red hues once again incorporated by John Higgins – not only signifying the death of the Big Figure’s henchman at the hands of Rorschach, but also foreshadowing Big Figure’s demise at those same hands.

And the dropped cigar – fallen into the edge of the toilet water, which will extinguish it – transitions directly to Laurie’s dialogue on

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