Sunday, February 12, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter II - page 11


Panel 4:  The Comedian’s line, “inside thirty years the nukes are gonna be flyin’” is a bit of foreshadowing while also laying bare the fear of the citizens of the world as to what is on the horizon.

Also, we see – somewhat obscured by the Comedian’s flames – two more of the “crimes” Captain Metropolis feels they should be fighting against – anti-war demos (demonstrations) and black unrest – giving credence to the allegations made by Hollis Mason in Under the Hood.

Panel 7:  As Ozymandias looks at the charred map, which represents the fallout from a nuclear war, Captain Metropolis says, “Somebody has to save the world.”  This is the point where Veidt realizes he is the one that needs to do something about the impending doom looming over the world. 

Panel 8:  Another cinematic transition from the past to present, with the layout of the image a near match to the previous one as Veidt, in the present, appears to be contemplating that day twenty years in the past, a decision that has led him to this point right here.

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