Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter II - Page 28


Panel 2:  We discover the answer to Detective Fine’s question from Chapter I.  Blake does not black out before hitting the pavement.

Panel 3:  The caption “curtains” is on a scene that, colloquially, fades to black – though in this case it fades to red – as if a curtain were being dropped on the end of a Broadway show, representing the bloody end of the Comedian’s life.  It also transitions into

Panel 4:  as we have a close up shot of the red roses.  The rain on the roses almost looks like tears. 

Panel 6:  The fact that Rorschach takes a rose for his lapel exhibits more humanity than we have seen from him thus far, and gives us insight into the fact that he had great respect for the Comedian.

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