Thursday, February 16, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter II - Page 15


Panel 1:  Blake’s unflinching murder of the woman carrying his child is yet more evidence of his unrepentant personality.  But the fact that Dr. Manhattan stands there doing nothing is an even more telling indication of how detached from humanity he has become, a fact that Blake will articulate in panels 4 & 5 of this page.

Panel 5:  Blake continues to accurately analyze Dr. Manhattan, telling him how he did not care for Janey Slater and soon will drop Laurie (“Sally Jupiter’s little gal”), foreshadowing what will happen – and, more importantly, what Manhattan already knows will happen.

Panel 6:  There is irony in the Comedian’s remark, “God help us all,” as Blake is talking to God in the form of Dr. Manhattan.

Panel 7:  Dr. Manhattan is phased through the table, visually symbolizing again how out of touch he is becoming if he doesn’t even take notice of a table running through his legs.

Panel 8:  As with other transitions in this issue, we see Dr. Manhattan – now in the present – standing in exactly the same pose as he was in the previous panel fourteen years in the past.

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