Monday, February 6, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter II - Page 5


Panel 1:  Our first interaction with the Minutemen: (left to right) Mothman, Dollar Bill, Captain Metropolis, the Comedian, Silk Spectre I, Hooded Justice, Nite Owl I, the photographer, and Silhouette.

Note the newspaper headline in the foreground:  “Scientists Make First Artificial Wonder Element: Plutonium.”  The calendar beside the paper shows us it is 1940 – the nuclear age is upon the world, foreshadowing the Manhattan Project, which will beget Dr. Manhattan, which will make these heroes obsolete.

Panel 2:  The Minutemen take their cues from superhero comics of that time period, with a “hall of justice” that has a table with all their superhero names on placards, the Minutemen symbol on the backs of the chairs, and trophies from some of their cases in the background such as Moloch’s Solar Mirror Weapon.

Panel 3:  Silhouette’s remark about the Poles aimed at Sally Jupiter (who changed her name from Juspeczyk to Jupiter) directly relates to Laurie’s comment to Rorschach in issue #1 that her mother changed her name so nobody would know she was Polish.

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